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Speech Therapy

Our team of speech-language pathologists are licensed health care professionals who evaluate and treat a wide range of speech, language, cognitive and communication disorders.

The treatment of speech and communication disorders helps children by using a variety of therapy approaches depending on the disorder.

Areas of treatment may include:

  • Articulation and Phonology
  • Apraxia of Speech
  • Receptive and Expressive Language
  • Fluency/Stuttering
  • Developmental Delay
  • Social and Pragmatic Language
  • Early Intervention (under 3 years)

“Would my child benefit from a Speech and Language assessment? “

More often than not, families make their first stop at the pediatrician to determine if a speech and language assessment may be appropriate for their child. Areas of concern for speech and language can range from articulation (what speech sounds the child is making), to language (how the child is understanding and using words to communicate), to social skills (how the child interacts with peers). While the range of “normal” can vary from person-to-person, there are general guidelines that can help determine if getting extra help may be needed. There are certain milestones a child should meet before the age of five.
Resources for expected milestones can be FOUND HERE.


At Sonoran Sun Pediatric Therapy we consider our staff members as family. Are you looking to join a therapy team to help improve the lives of as many children as possible, while working in a positive work place with ethical values? If so, please click on the link below to see if any current therapist or support staff positions are available.


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