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What To Expect

Setting Your First Appointment

You won’t regret it

During the intake process you can expect us to gather general contact information which will include personal information, insurance details and physician information (a physician referral and prescription is required). After having all of the information needed, our wonderful office staff will get you scheduled for an appointment. The first appointment will be an evaluation for the therapy service you have selected to determine if your child qualifies for therapy. An individualized treatment plan will then be developed for your child.

What To Bring To Your First Appointment

Needed items

During your initial visit, we will conduct a thorough evaluation of your child. Typically, the initial visit lasts one hour. We’ve put together useful information that you can use to make the evaluation process easier for you – and your child. Please note the following items:

  • Insurance Card
  • Driver’s License
  • Payment needed for the evaluation (if you have one with your Insurance plan)
  • Copy of Physician referral and prescription (unless the front office staff has already confirmed they have received a copy)
  • Copy of IEP if your child is on one (unless the front office staff has already confirmed they have received a copy)
  • If your evaluation is for Feeding Therapy, please be sure to bring a minimum of 2 foods your child will eat and 2 foods they won’t eat; at least 1 beverage they will drink.
  • Make sure your child has on comfortable shoes; sneakers are best for running and balance activities.
  • Socks are required for interactions within the sensory gym at all times.

Preparing For The Evaluation

Things to consider

In order for the evaluation to be the best possible experience, it is important for you and your child to come prepared. Please make sure your child is well rested and wears comfortable shoes to the evaluation. We do require that your child wears or bring socks for play in the sensory gym for health and sanitary reasons. If your child wears glasses or corrective lens please make sure they wear them.

A parent or guardian is expected to be present throughout the entire evaluation, including standardized testing, however, you may be asked to sit outside your child’s field of vision during testing. If you observe within the room, it is important not to break up standardized testing with questions or attempt to correct your child’s behaviors as this may interfere with testing. During the parent or guardian interview, the evaluating therapist will encourage caregivers to ask questions, make comments, or discuss concerns while the child is playing, whenever possible.

What To Expect After The Evaluation

What comes next

After the evaluation is completed, your therapist will then discuss whether participation in therapy is necessary and if so, at what frequency (i.e. once a week, two times per week, etc.). Since each child’s needs are different, it can take anywhere from one to two weeks for the written report to be completed. Depending on the type of payment covering a child’s services, the child may begin services the following week or the child may need to wait until insurance approval is granted, which can vary greatly (between two to four weeks most often). Our front office staff will work with you step by step to get your child started on therapy services as soon as all Insurance requirements are in place.


At Sonoran Sun Pediatric Therapy we consider our staff members as family. Are you looking to join a therapy team to help improve the lives of as many children as possible, while working in a positive work place with ethical values? If so, please click on the link below to see if any current therapist or support staff positions are available.


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