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Ways to Incorporate Proprioceptive Input at Home

November 8, 2017 by Angela Hansen0

Ways to Incorporate Proprioceptive Input at Home

Proprioceptive input is typically very calming and organizing to the nervous system. A child who has lots of energy or a “fast” running engine will typically be able to calm and re-focus with proprioceptive input. Proprioceptive input can also be alerting for a child who has low energy or a “slow” running engine. Experiment with your child with the activities below to see what proprioceptive activities are calming and which ones are alerting.

Activities that provide proprioceptive input:

  • Hand Hugs
  • Wheelbarrow Walks
  • Wall Pushes
  • Chair Push Ups
  • Hand Presses
  • Hand Clapping Games
  • Animal Walks (bear crawl, crab walks, frog hops)
  • Pillow Squish (stack couch or bed pillows and squish under them)
  • Pillow Fights
  • Burrito Roll (child rolls up in a blanket or towel with head exposed)
  • Steamroller (roll a large ball or foam roller on the child’s back, arms and legs while child lays on their tummy)
  • Squish Box (a box that is just big enough for your child to squeeze into with pillows)
  • Stomping, Jumping, Marching, Skipping, Hopping
  • Chewing Gum or Chewy foods
  • Using a Straw to Drink/Eat (milkshakes, smoothies, yogurt, pudding, applesauce)
  • Chewelry
  • Vibrating toy or oral tools
  • Hop Scotch
  • Tug of War
  • Safe Rough Play/Wrestling
  • Heavy Ball (toss to target, play catch, pass to your partner)
  • Trampoline
  • Hippity Hop
  • Hand Stands (against the wall)
  • Climbing Activities
  • Swimming
  • Gymnastics
  • Karate
  • Bike Ride
  • Carrying Heavy Objects (groceries, laundry, lunch bucket at school)
  • Push/Pull Activities (shopping cart, wagon, stroller, lawn mower, friends on a sheet or blanket)
  • Open Doors for people
  • Hammering Activities
  • Sweeping, Vacuuming, Mopping
  • Wash Tables, Windows, Car, Toys
  • Digging Dirt or Raking Leaves
  • Rearrange Furniture (move chairs etc. to sweep or clean)
  • Compression garments or tight clothing
  • Body Sock
  • Theraband Activities
  • Heavy blanket
  • Weighted Lap Pad or Lap Sock
  • Fabric Tunnel
  • Weighted Backpack


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