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The Benefits of Speech Therapy

January 3, 2018 by Angela Hansen0

The Benefits of Speech Therapy

Speech therapy can help kids learn to speak more clearly and be able to communicate with others. This helps kids feel more confident and less frustrated about speaking. Kids who have language issues can benefit socially, emotionally and academically from speech therapy.

For kids with reading issues such as dyslexia, speech therapy can help them hear and distinguish specific sounds in words: the word cat breaks down into ca, and t sounds. This can improve reading comprehension skills and encourage kids to read.

Speech therapy is especially beneficial when kids start therapy early in life. Studies have shown that the earlier kids went through speech therapy the sooner they can improved their language skills.

Speech therapy may last for months or even for a few years. It depends on your child’s needs. Your involvement can make speech therapy more effective for your child. Your child’s therapist can give you and your child strategies to deal with obstacles more effectively. Therapist can provide activities to practice at home to reinforce the skills your child is learning. Kids who make the most progress tend to be those who get involved in their treatment.

It’s important that you find a speech therapist that is a good match for your child. The speech therapist should have experience working with kids with your child’s specific issue. Speech therapy is just one way to help a child with learning issues related to language and speech.


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