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Therapist Favorite Picks

January 17, 2018 by Angela Hansen0

Therapist favorite picks

Often as parents of children with special needs you are looking for tools or activities that can keep your child busy while learning. Here is a list of some top therapist picks that are used every day in therapy treatment for children that can also be great to have at home.

Favorite board games for fine motor skills and visual motor:


Connect Four

Chutes and Ladders

Eye Spy Games


Headbandz Game



Rubix Cube

What’s in Ned’s Head


A great sensory calming game is Lite Brite. That’s right, the original Lite Brite game is a great activity your child can sit down and play with quietly.

Other tools that help with sensory sensitivity are Sensory Brushes, Theraputty, Vibration Jigglers and Chewy Tubes.

The soft bristles of the sensory brush provide a therapeutic combination of deep pressure and tactile stimulation to help calm down and improve focus. Theraputty can improve fine motor skills and decrease stress. Vibration Jigglers and Chewy Tubes are also used to assist in calming and regaining focus.

All these items can be found on the internet and are reasonably priced.


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